About the Resident Basket Case

Foremost, I am momma to 3 kids. Olivia: a sweet, perfect, and innocent infant with squeezable cheeks. Mia: a God-awful twonager that probably has an evil lair somewhere and plans to doom us all. (Also my die hard Momma’s girl who has me wrapped around her finger enough to help her doom mankind if she says “plea.” That’s Mia-talk for please. Gabe: a five year old with a speech impairment who never shuts up!!! He’s obsessed with dinosaurs and knows all the species, even if he can’t say them correctly.

I am also wife to a man child. Don’t get me wrong. He works hard and for a A LOT of hours, but the man misses no opportunities to binge play the play station with his boy. Nor does he miss playing “Creature” with our kids, nieces, nephews, and any other kids in the vicinity. (Don’t ask what Creature is. I’ve watched it many times and can’t even begin to tell you. All I know is my husband can run on all fours like a bear very fast…and kids run and scream.)

Lastly, I am a small business owner still struggling my way to success. I make soap, lotion, lip balm, etc and sell them as gift sets. It’s a climb, but I am on my way.