It’s a Rhinoceros

We have been somewhat pinching pennies because we are trying to buy a house, but I decided that the kids and I needed to switch things up. I ordered takeout and loaded the kids up to go pick it up.

I should have known that this establishment would not have the food ready as quickly as they said, but oh well. We had been sitting there in the truck for almost 30 minutes when Mia Bug decided she was over it. I took my buffalo-shaped car freshie off of my mirror so she could play with it.

Gabe: Momma, what kind of creature is that?!

Myself: It’s a buffalo.

Gabe: Is that a cow?

Myself: No. It is a buffalo. They are much bigger than cows.

Gabe: So, it’s a bull?

Myself: No! It’s not a cow or a bull. It’s a totally different type of animal. I then googled a picture of a buffalo to show him.

Gabe: Oh. It’s a rhinoceros.


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