OMG…A Foot!

I lost my dad almost a year ago. (It will be a year on the 24th.) Almost a month after laying him to rest, I discovered I was expecting Miss O. (Olivia)

She was a huge surprise. She has also been a huge blessing and distraction from grief. Several of our “firsts” without my dad have been our “firsts” with Miss O. She hasn’t stopped every tear from falling, but she has definitely made occasions less sad.

She has given me reasons to smile when I really didn’t expect or want to. She is so cuddly, sweet, and an overall good baby. (Unlike *cough cough* Mia, lol.) She has a very special way lightening the mood when I need it most, such as the other night when homeschooling did not go smoothly with Gabe, Mia was not feeling well and was a terror ALL DAY, and I was ready to fall apart. I just wanted to soak my troubles away. Miss O likes to be near, so I stuck her in her car seat so that I could keep a watchful eye on her while I tried not to lose my mind.

Then, she found her foot. She did not take her eyes off of it for several minutes. It was the smallest bit of comic relief I desperately needed. She may not have been planned, but I am so glad she is here.

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