Sunday not so Funday

This crazy thing happened Sunday morning. Well, a few crazy things did but one that was a good thing: I arrived at church on time! I was so proud of myself. It all went downhill from there, though.

I had to feed Miss O (7 weeks old), so I took her and Mia the menace to the nursery. I looked over at Mia after several minutes with Miss O…she was in the baby’s car seat. She also had the baby’s pacifier in her mouth. She’s been pacifier broken for 6 months.

I am stuck in a rocker unable to rip the pacifier out of Mia’s mouth because Olivia is still feeding. Then, I see through the window that looks into the sanctuary to find my son, Gabe, wandering around on the stage DURING A LIVE RECORDED SERMON!!!

Terroristic threats may or may not have been made.

The Menace
Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

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