Maniacal Mia

Mia is my almost two year old daughter. She is pure evil with bright blue eyes and chubby cheeks. (She is well beyond the “terrible two” thing.)

I am washing dishes this morning, and I keep hearing “beep.” That is not bleeped out curse words. That is Mia pressing buttons on the microwave. I try the soft mom voice, “No buttons.” Beep. Beep. “Mia, no buttons.” Beep beep beep. I use the more stern voice. “Mia, I said no pushing buttons.” Beep. Yelling it is. “Quit pressing buttons!

Mia being Mia, we must now have a showdown. She is giving me stink face by the microwave. I am giving her crazy eyes by the sink. We stand like statues for a few seconds. Then, beep. She presses another button and runs. Turd.

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